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Add Member Access Permissions

Use Member Permissions to hide specific fields on a record.

Do not show a specific field E.g. the VAT Number field on the Customer table.

1. Open the Type Permissions Tab on the Roles Screen.

2. In the Paradigm Soft Category, double-click on the line Customers.

3. In the pop-up Window that is invoked, set the Navigate Checkbox to true.  This gives the roles access to navigate the Customers Table.

4. Set the Read, Write, Create and Delete Checkboxes to false.

5. Select the Member Permissions Tab and click the + Add New Button

6. Open the Member dropdown menu and click on Select All.

7. Scroll on the VAT Number Field and set the checkbox to false.

8. Set the Read and Write Checkboxes to true.

This role is now permitted to navigate the Customer table but can only read and write on the customer fields which are marked as true and therefore, is unable to see the VAT Number field.

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